Tuesday, 27 November 2007

New Hand In

Feelings of tiredness this week as I was up most the week making sure that the referral work was finished. However this with the cold made me feel very drained as I did not get much sleep. But I still came in and worked my hardest through the week to make sure that my work did not suffer as a result.

I am learning now a lot about the mistakes I am making, they are mainly small, but they all add up making a big mistake. I have realised since referral work that I was making a lot of the same mistakes in my ordinary work. .This has helped me a lot as I am now improving my other work.

Working Standards
The week I finally leaned what it would be like to work in a business where they only give you five minutes to do a full business card. This was a helpful task, mainly because I realised how much work I could actually get done if I was in that kind of environment. Evan though I made some mistakes we did it the day after making me happy as I got time to rectify my mistakes.

I have also learned how stressful this could be in the actually industry though. Mainly because it has to be done perfectly after 15 minutes work making it a lot harder, this includes actually thinking of the designs also. I had to think really hard about what I wanted to use as my final design which is where the stress comes from I think however as time gets by I am sure that I will get used to it.

Time Learning
I am feeling a lot more confident this week mainly because I have finally realised how I can achieve my full potential in my time planning. Before I was going about it all wrong but this assignment has changed all that as Steve has taught us about micro planning. This has made me a lot happier as I finally know what to do and when to do it.

Handing in near
Next week most of A3 has to be in meaning I will have to work hard this week to make sure that all the work is in correctly and in the correct format. I will do this by checking it against the other assignment to make sure it looks correct first of all. I am getting a bit better with my spelling and grammar which has made me happy also as now I no where I am going wrong. Because now I now here I am going wrong I can easily proof reed some of my own work. However as sometimes I still get spelling wrong I will be asking other people to check my work to make sure that it is correct.

Another feeling I have has this week is a feeling of knowledge mainly because I have finally learned about a new software “Photoshop”. This is not really new however I did not know how to do some of the things before that I do now.

This task soon became stressful rather than fun though, because I kept finding mistakes in my own work. I have figures out that the best way to make sure that the image is done correctly is to mainly use the clone brush in “2px” This allowed me to edit the picture in small detail well keeping the overall detail. I suppose one thing that made me tired is that image restoration seems to never be complete, I always keep finding little mistakes in the work which can sometimes irritate me.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Colour Change

This week I learned more about colour with “Digital Imagery” and what I realised is that when I thought 5000 pieces of information was a lot for a computer to do this week we learned about TIF, and how printing format is 300DPI and has over 90,000 different pieces of information to remember and save, although this also means that the file size is far greater. But it is worth it if you are planning on making a good print of something; this made me feel happy, as I finally realised all the formats and what I should use for optimum efficiency.


Another major factor this week to add into my knowledge database was about fonts, serifs and symbol ect. Display text confused me at first glance as I thought it looked a bit weird for text then Steve told us that it was mainly used for titles and banners to stand out and catch the eye of the audience. One thing that confused me is that a lot of the fonts looked the same and at first I could not understand, why there was so many fonts, as most of them looked identical, though I gues this is why there are 100,000’s of fonts out there, because most of them are the same with very little difference.


Today I learned how to restore an image, of coarse I will not know if it is done correctly by next week, I am going to try and get as much done this week on the subject as it is something that I really enjoy doing, though I have to remember I have a lot more work to do besides this.

Referral work

This week I also have my referral work to finish off, I have done a lot of it already but I know to keep checking to make sure that it is done correctly. The main reason is that I want this to be done perfectly this time to show that I have learned from my mistakes. Although it might be bad news to get a referral I see it as good news as it has really helped me on the next assignment. Which has made me happy because I am sure that I will not make the same mistakes twice.

Sketch Book

One reason which makes me a bit worried this week is that I am nearing the end of my sketch book, the reason why this makes me worried is, know I will have more pages to look through to find the information that I desire, although a good point is that it will make Steve happy as I am moving onto my second one. Although this does create more work as I am going to have to create another index page.

Things for next week

Referral Work: This is my main priority this week, to make sure that I get all the work done correctly I have taken this week of work to make sure I can get it all done as well as all the other work.

Image restoration: This is the next task I want to make sure that I complete this week, however I will have to do it after my referral work.

Sketchbook: Buy a new sketch book for next week as I am nearing the end of the one I am using at the moment.

Photoshop: One thing that I really want to try and get done this week is Photoshop tutorials online, I think this will help me greatly in the image restoration, if anyone know some good sites can you please comment.

Time: This week I must remember to add new things to my time sheet as they come up, like when I have a break ect, I think this will add to my micro planning, if not please correct me on the comments.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Life of Colour

This week I have learned a lot more about colour, and that it is not just about feelings, though this made me feel a little confused at first. By this I mean all the new meanings of colour I had to experiences such as RGB,
Monochromatic and others, I think that this will be very important towards the next assignment, but I will also be using them in my old assignment (Referral work) manly to show my understanding about the work more.


This week I also got my referral feedback, I had mixed feelings on this knowing that it was fixable made me very happy, but what confused me was how I knew to do certain things and yet for some reason I did not do them on the final design, I don’t know weather I just forgot these on the last printing with getting everything in, I think I did because on my first print out test copy of it most of the points was done, however the point is now I no what I’ve done so now I can fix it, I suppose this is what is really making me happy.


The sketchbook is god, since I have got it back, I have been a lot happier, mainly because I have added loads more inspirational work into it, and now I can actual re read it to find information which is what I missed during reading week. Although the happiness must soon end as I am almost at the end of my first sketchbook meaning that I will have to get another, I’m not sure what Steve does with the old ones whether we are allowed to take them with us (Hopefully) or whether they have to stay in class.

More Design

Today I have done the first part of the new assignment, this has made me very happy learning all the new things about colour and such as I have said above, but another reason why it is making me happy is because, I have a feeling we will be using Photoshop more this time round, I no it will still require a lot of planning, researching and working out.

A good chance for me to put new design work in my sketch book this week also, mainly because “Make Your Mark” was something that was happening in college today and I got some good design ideas from them and also some designs to stick in my sketchbook, I must say that following my argument from last week that some of them look more like art work than design, however this is my interpretation of things, I’m sure that someone could argue with me and clearly explain there point of view on why it is design.


This subject has actually made me happy for a long time, not because there isn’t much to do because that is FAR from the truth, there is loads to do. But the reason I am happy about time is because I have finally learned how to use the time sheets efficiently, I think for this week I have over four sheets to hand in, which is a lot compared to before half term when I wasn’t doing it correctly and only had one or two per week.

Also another reason why I am happy about time, is that Steve will be collecting time sheets now, the reason this is making me happy is that now I no that there is no way that I can loose any of them, this also means that I will be keeping up to date with my work and hopefully having enough proof at the end of assignments to warrant my time on them.

2k words

In this assignment however we have to write 2000 words, although this may seem a lot it has not bothered me that much, mainly because the 2000 words will be split up over 40 items, this works out at about 50 words per item, which isn’t much at all, I’m trying my absolute best to make sure that I do a lot better in the next assignment to stop me getting another referral. However as I have stated in previous posts I am a student and for that reason I am constantly learning new material, this also means that now and again I am going to get something wrong.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

New & Old

First feelings this week, are mainly of disappointment, even though I did the work to the standard I thought was rite, it was wrong, this can only mean one thing and that is, that I have to work at it, to improve, in ways this can also be a happy time, as a way to learn from mistakes, I’m looking forward to the feed back because it will enable me to work out what I did wrong it will also give me ways to improve my work so that I don’t get it wrong again.

The marking is allot stricter at this college than it was at Margret street, this means that this is a whole new experience, now I am just trying to adapt to the new learning style as well as the new marking, all I no is it could be worse, at least I will be able to try and correct my work, where as in industry I might not be so lucky.

Chances are I will be able to make this into a pass, by redoing certain parts of the work that, I have done wrong, I think the main thing that I will have chance to learn. Sorting out problems like this can be very stress full I no that allot of people who got referrals was very upset, mainly because the room went silent, however I am taking this as a lucky break, meaning I am getting another chance, this will help me learn from my mistakes and hopefully never get them wrong again.

The way forward like I said in class is not to sit, wine and be upset about the results given, it is to learn from mistakes made, as Steve has previously mentioned we are all students and he expects us to get it wrong some of the time or we would already be in industry.

The way this can be done is simple, after we have received feedback learn from the mistakes done and correct them, I have already been talking to a number of people which want to get together once feedback has been given to make sure that we all get it rite this time over. I think that this symbolises that the group is coming to one as a whole, hopefully this experience will bond the group making us all stronger as a whole.

Time is a major factor in this I think that allot of people may be very upset, from the grades given out today and may not understand how to change that, hopefully this will get better over time, if not this could cause problems which is why I suppose I’m on a downer at the moment. This meaning that all the people in the class are my friends and it would be a shame to see any of them stick this way, I no at least two that are fairly upset, by the grades and all I can do is stand by and help them get through this experience.

As soon as I saw the presentation on what most people had got wrong, I knew that I had got a referral, mainly because my time sheets wasn’t perfect I think it took me into the last few weeks to use them correctly, I think the initial blow of actually getting a referral has knocked me down in the future, however I see it as another step that I must pass before I can move on, the best way to do this is to listen to friends, family and hopefully get back on track.

In lighter news, I am finally reunited with my sketch book once again, this means that I can now stick all the work over the holidays into my book so that I know where it is, this is one problem which I no has been bugging me for a wile, I’ve been thinking of ideas, but having no where to put them so in some ways I am glad the holidays are over.

Another good point about this week is that I have finally got my host set up, this has gave me an email account also which I hope Steve will be happy about, I am just on the verge of thinking what I can put up there in the mean time to test to make sure it works, I think that a construction site page would be appropriate for now.

New Assignment’s

The new assignments are making me happy the first one is pretty much the old assignment however this time we actually get to make the website which will be very interesting because I will be able to test out my new host I.E. John. The second assignment is a whole new bunch of things, one is Photoshop, I’m sure this will make Gary happy as he will be able to get his design monsters out of the cupboard. However this week part of the assignment is to write down 12 pieces of individual software, such as “Adobe Dream Weaver” and also to write an essay on Design using research from Ian Anderson and the presentation lecture.