Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The work strain

This week I felt embarrassed as I did not realise that I was doing my references wrong. However I feel a lot better now as I no how to do them properly. Before I was getting most of the information in however I was not doing it in the correct order. Now I feel a lot better as I no exactly how to do them for website and books.


Another point of shame this week is that I did not have the books that are on the course requirement. This made me a bit upset in ways because I knew that I needed them I did not have the money to get them though. However Steve told me the name of a person who will sell me the books cheap which made me happy as now I can buy the books with no stress.


Most of A3 if finished now which is another reason to be happy. There are just a few things I need to do on them. Also I will remember to make sure that A3 has all the correct information in and has all the correct references.


This week another fun assignment creating banners of all things. Although at times this was very stressful as eventually we were creating an idea every 40 seconds. This made the pictures of the people look really funny as there was not enou8gh time to make sure that the pictures was filled out with enough detail and they looked more like shadows.

Work Timescale

While doing the banners I learned how working in a time strained environment is fun and stressful at the same time. Mainly creating them was fun but when it got down to 40 seconds an idea I did not realise the strain it put on to make sure that all the work was done. After doing it though I can see how much I can actually get done in 30 minutes. This is why I have decided to use the strategy on my home study.