Tuesday, 6 November 2007

New & Old

First feelings this week, are mainly of disappointment, even though I did the work to the standard I thought was rite, it was wrong, this can only mean one thing and that is, that I have to work at it, to improve, in ways this can also be a happy time, as a way to learn from mistakes, I’m looking forward to the feed back because it will enable me to work out what I did wrong it will also give me ways to improve my work so that I don’t get it wrong again.

The marking is allot stricter at this college than it was at Margret street, this means that this is a whole new experience, now I am just trying to adapt to the new learning style as well as the new marking, all I no is it could be worse, at least I will be able to try and correct my work, where as in industry I might not be so lucky.

Chances are I will be able to make this into a pass, by redoing certain parts of the work that, I have done wrong, I think the main thing that I will have chance to learn. Sorting out problems like this can be very stress full I no that allot of people who got referrals was very upset, mainly because the room went silent, however I am taking this as a lucky break, meaning I am getting another chance, this will help me learn from my mistakes and hopefully never get them wrong again.

The way forward like I said in class is not to sit, wine and be upset about the results given, it is to learn from mistakes made, as Steve has previously mentioned we are all students and he expects us to get it wrong some of the time or we would already be in industry.

The way this can be done is simple, after we have received feedback learn from the mistakes done and correct them, I have already been talking to a number of people which want to get together once feedback has been given to make sure that we all get it rite this time over. I think that this symbolises that the group is coming to one as a whole, hopefully this experience will bond the group making us all stronger as a whole.

Time is a major factor in this I think that allot of people may be very upset, from the grades given out today and may not understand how to change that, hopefully this will get better over time, if not this could cause problems which is why I suppose I’m on a downer at the moment. This meaning that all the people in the class are my friends and it would be a shame to see any of them stick this way, I no at least two that are fairly upset, by the grades and all I can do is stand by and help them get through this experience.

As soon as I saw the presentation on what most people had got wrong, I knew that I had got a referral, mainly because my time sheets wasn’t perfect I think it took me into the last few weeks to use them correctly, I think the initial blow of actually getting a referral has knocked me down in the future, however I see it as another step that I must pass before I can move on, the best way to do this is to listen to friends, family and hopefully get back on track.

In lighter news, I am finally reunited with my sketch book once again, this means that I can now stick all the work over the holidays into my book so that I know where it is, this is one problem which I no has been bugging me for a wile, I’ve been thinking of ideas, but having no where to put them so in some ways I am glad the holidays are over.

Another good point about this week is that I have finally got my host set up, this has gave me an email account also which I hope Steve will be happy about, I am just on the verge of thinking what I can put up there in the mean time to test to make sure it works, I think that a construction site page would be appropriate for now.

New Assignment’s

The new assignments are making me happy the first one is pretty much the old assignment however this time we actually get to make the website which will be very interesting because I will be able to test out my new host I.E. John. The second assignment is a whole new bunch of things, one is Photoshop, I’m sure this will make Gary happy as he will be able to get his design monsters out of the cupboard. However this week part of the assignment is to write down 12 pieces of individual software, such as “Adobe Dream Weaver” and also to write an essay on Design using research from Ian Anderson and the presentation lecture.