Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Happy Times

A3 is finally finished now and I am touching up my website. Validating it is a pain especially with strict I almost wish I had chosen transitional. The main reason I am enjoying this is that it is mainly all practical and it is filling my sketchbook fast with testing screen shots and user screen shots.

The struggle is finding the correct age group to view my site and actually comment on it correctly I.E. not family as they tell you what you want to here.

I will be uploading my site next week and I would love it if people could give me feedback, all feedback is good feedback. A new program that I have starting using which helps a lot with A1 is “Mind Genius” it is installed on every PC around collage and can easily create a mind map which as you all know is needed for A1.

More designs, I have scrambled some old magazines for both 1st and 2nd years to use as inspiration I will be giving them to Steve so just ask if you need some more work ect, books / magazines are the best things to get inspiration from as there is so many pictures and font designs in them which could be potentially usable.

Colour is a word that makes me wish I’d done better on my website after reading the colour index I found out I should have been using a light brown background, well at least I am noticing all this now which will make it easier in the future.

The goal for next week is to have my website fully finished and validated with plenty of feedback from all. The unfortunate thing is that it is NEVER finished, because as soon as I get feedback I will be acting on it and making yet even more changes.