Monday, 10 September 2007

First Feelings

Group Activity’s

The first activity was where we all sat in a circle and tried to remember each others names, this was a good way to get to no the people we would be working with and also a good as it made me feel more at ease because I learnt the names of my colleagues.

The next activity made me feel part of a team. This was because of the team activities we all did, this included answering questions in a team of two-three people, the teams was randomly set out to give the full group a chance to get to no each other, this made me feel more welcome and helped me settle into the group as a whole. Another team activity was bidding on items which would enable the team to drop an egg out of a window without it breaking, this once again helped as team work was essential for everyone to have fun, wile learning new experiences.

Best Part About The Weak

The best part about the weak for me was a presentation from the second year students this provided allot of information which was very useful and it was nice to talk to some people who have gone through the experience before.


The first weak was mainly about team building and how to survive the two years in the course, the activities and team work made me feel at ease as well as introduce me to new people and the way of life in the interactive media course.

Key Points

The key points I learnt in the weak was that to always note in my sketch book this will allow me to reference notes made at an earlier, another useful fact I picked up from the second years is to always be aware of time and to make sure that all work is planned out before hand, this will ensure less stress when I’m doing assignments as I will know which part I’m doing and when I’m doing it.