Tuesday, 11 March 2008

New Findings

This week I have been looking into logos and what makes a good logo via research. I have found out there are three major types of logo Text / typography design, this is where a logo is just made from a certain typeface, Design / image, this is where there is a design image which represents a company and finally the mixture of both design and typography, all designs of logos includes one of the above.

On the Typography logo most people use an unusual font to draw the attention of viewers. A great example of this is the TKMAX logo.

The image logo is a logo that is well known, the image / icon its self is usually something that represents the company name, however sometimes this is now the case. Apple is a great example of using an image to represent the company name. Nike however is different as they use a tick but the company is that well known that just from seeing a tick most people automatically assume Nike.

The combination of the two can come together to create an overall affect, the most common version of this is the Adidas logo this uses text along with stripes, This is a popular pattern which draws the eye of viewers.

Colour is very important to logos, I have researched this week and found out that most companies will use a bright colour on image or text as it will draw the eye of potential buyers and such.


Qubism is the artist of the music I have been listening to this week, he is part of Em:t record company, who’s logo looks like the following.

As you can see it is regular text with a Chinese symbol for a image, the Chinese symbol actually stats for shine as in “Emit shine”.

I found that the music I listened to was based on different places around the world and the affects that happen. This could range from things such as Dance and then go to city life and the crime that’s there.

Qubism really made me think about there music and the affects they had used, listening to the sounds you could almost imagine you was there and see what was going on. This gave more inspiration to listen to the music and found my self listening to it almost all day to get a better feel for the work I would be doing very soon.