Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Design Week

This week I have been thinking about the last assignment, I’m hoping that I’ve past but if I haven’t I will make sure I pass it next time. This week I have learned a few things about design and how important the target audience is, if you look at cat food and cat treats most if not all have pictures of cats looking happy, this implies to the owners of cats to buy there food, o coarse some go way over the TOP I.E. whiskers, they have cat treats where the actual box is shaped as a cat.

I have also been gathering more design ideas, I have got some scenic pictures which I will be sticking indo the scrap book (when we get it back). Also I have got loads of logos, mainly from farm things like tractors, seen as I work on a farm I have plenty of opportunities to get my own good photos and logo ideas.

Things to do

For the rest of the week I will be reading the new assignment, and printing out preparation work for, this will hopefully help me allot especially if I get referred and have to do two assignments at once, Also I will be getting more logo designs and inspirational pictures.