Tuesday, 19 February 2008


This week I have set me self a few goals which I have been working on very hard. The main thing I am happy about this week is my website. As I have changed it again it is looking a lot better.

The Differences

The old site was too stretched and had too many spacer images, thus the feedback I got was mainly about the amount of spacer images and text. However on the new site I have fixed these problems by not having any spacers and by making the site smaller it has reduced the size making it load up more sufficiently.

The most happiest thing about this week is that I have finally fixed my feedback form with some help from James, know it works as intended allowing me to receive emails from the feedback form its self.


The main reason I have started again with the site is because of the spacer images and the length know the new site as you can see looks a lot clearer and more precise. The colour inspirited I got was from the book “colorindex” this book helped me find the correct colours I needed for the site.

This week as also been a thoughtful week, the main reason for saying this is that I have thought a lot about what I want to do with my website and have put them into practise using the knowledge from feedback given during this week.

The feedback this week really helped me decide what I wanted to do with the site and that was to change it to make it more suitable for the user. If you look below you will see an image of the old site and a image of the new.



Please give your thoughts on the old and the new and the changes that have been made.

Things for next week
Bring all my time sheets into collage.
Check all my work to make sure there is no errors.
Get more feedback from the new version of the site.
Print out all evidence of testing.
Start my evaluation.