Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Logo Crash

This week I have set my self the task of researching logo designs as well as making / doodling my own. Although normally you may think that doodling is easy it does get hard when you are concentrating on the item its self.

The hardest thing for me at least was producing a brand new idea each time, after a while I started doing the same type of logo which was annoying. To stop this I thought back to the lecture on logos and the different types so every time I hit a mental block like this I switched my logo type from Text only design to picture and modern age design.

Thinking of logos

Thinking up the logos required me to look at my inspiration. Looking at other logos gave me my own ideas for mine, however I had to be careful not to subliminally copy the logo.

To try and keep the logo symbol and make sure it was the original specifications that I wanted I used basic shapes to make the logo look correct. However I often found my self overlaying shapes so that they stood out more when looking at them.

Mind Maps

Mind maps have helped me a lot so far when doing the logos, mainly because I just look back on my mind maps to see what’s good / bad about a logo and then look at my mood map to see different pictures and thought on EMIT, this allowed me to be able to create a wide range of logos.


I have a lot more inspiration now after the holidays as I looked up a lot of logo and business card work so that I could view work and detail behind items, I also did a mood and mind map on these items. So now every time I get stuck on a piece of work I just look back at my inspiration, I also have a lot of photo work which I look at for inspiration, these also help me when I seem to be having a mental block when doing work.


To finalise my work I have decided that I am going to post them on the forum and on the blog, this will give me a better chance to get more feedback from others. I think as we need to get more real feedback to help us maybe asking around the web for feedback will be a good idea.