Tuesday, 27 November 2007

New Hand In

Feelings of tiredness this week as I was up most the week making sure that the referral work was finished. However this with the cold made me feel very drained as I did not get much sleep. But I still came in and worked my hardest through the week to make sure that my work did not suffer as a result.

I am learning now a lot about the mistakes I am making, they are mainly small, but they all add up making a big mistake. I have realised since referral work that I was making a lot of the same mistakes in my ordinary work. .This has helped me a lot as I am now improving my other work.

Working Standards
The week I finally leaned what it would be like to work in a business where they only give you five minutes to do a full business card. This was a helpful task, mainly because I realised how much work I could actually get done if I was in that kind of environment. Evan though I made some mistakes we did it the day after making me happy as I got time to rectify my mistakes.

I have also learned how stressful this could be in the actually industry though. Mainly because it has to be done perfectly after 15 minutes work making it a lot harder, this includes actually thinking of the designs also. I had to think really hard about what I wanted to use as my final design which is where the stress comes from I think however as time gets by I am sure that I will get used to it.

Time Learning
I am feeling a lot more confident this week mainly because I have finally realised how I can achieve my full potential in my time planning. Before I was going about it all wrong but this assignment has changed all that as Steve has taught us about micro planning. This has made me a lot happier as I finally know what to do and when to do it.

Handing in near
Next week most of A3 has to be in meaning I will have to work hard this week to make sure that all the work is in correctly and in the correct format. I will do this by checking it against the other assignment to make sure it looks correct first of all. I am getting a bit better with my spelling and grammar which has made me happy also as now I no where I am going wrong. Because now I now here I am going wrong I can easily proof reed some of my own work. However as sometimes I still get spelling wrong I will be asking other people to check my work to make sure that it is correct.

Another feeling I have has this week is a feeling of knowledge mainly because I have finally learned about a new software “Photoshop”. This is not really new however I did not know how to do some of the things before that I do now.

This task soon became stressful rather than fun though, because I kept finding mistakes in my own work. I have figures out that the best way to make sure that the image is done correctly is to mainly use the clone brush in “2px” This allowed me to edit the picture in small detail well keeping the overall detail. I suppose one thing that made me tired is that image restoration seems to never be complete, I always keep finding little mistakes in the work which can sometimes irritate me.