Friday, 29 February 2008

New And Improoved

The final version of my site.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

On the way

New things I have learnt this week mainly consist of design skills to make my site. I have almost finished it now, the only thing missing is the java validation. The happiest was getting positive feedback for the site however I was happy at feedback in general as it helped me improve my overall performance.

The mistakes I was making was not actually in the technical side of things it was the design aspects of the site such as corresponding sizes. Now I have learnt a lot more about design I no to keep the same sizes and use them repetitively, this creates a better looking affect.

I have learnt a lot about design this week and how I should follow the park rules more often. One of which was lacking in my site during the week and that was repetitiveness in the sizes. However I have now learnt from my mistakes and added repetitiveness into my site making it look and feel a lot better.

Another design aspect I have learnt is that I need to make sure the colours I use match and look satisfactory. The way I have done this on my site is by taking inspiration from the colour index which enabled me to make the site look attractive after much deliberation.

In the future I will definitely take more advantage of the books I have purchased, one of my favourites so far is the colour index, however I now that I can not always rely on this and must find my own way of matching colours in a satisfactory way.

PARC this is a rule which I will use a lot more of now I no the full aspects of its nature. Before I did not fully understand how repetitiveness could be good in this situation however it has improved my site a lot making it more pleasing on the eye which in turn makes it easier to read.

Goals for this week.
Check A5.
Check site for errors.
Fully validate the feedback form.
Finish the evaluation.
Put A5 in the folder ready for hand in.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


This week I have set me self a few goals which I have been working on very hard. The main thing I am happy about this week is my website. As I have changed it again it is looking a lot better.

The Differences

The old site was too stretched and had too many spacer images, thus the feedback I got was mainly about the amount of spacer images and text. However on the new site I have fixed these problems by not having any spacers and by making the site smaller it has reduced the size making it load up more sufficiently.

The most happiest thing about this week is that I have finally fixed my feedback form with some help from James, know it works as intended allowing me to receive emails from the feedback form its self.


The main reason I have started again with the site is because of the spacer images and the length know the new site as you can see looks a lot clearer and more precise. The colour inspirited I got was from the book “colorindex” this book helped me find the correct colours I needed for the site.

This week as also been a thoughtful week, the main reason for saying this is that I have thought a lot about what I want to do with my website and have put them into practise using the knowledge from feedback given during this week.

The feedback this week really helped me decide what I wanted to do with the site and that was to change it to make it more suitable for the user. If you look below you will see an image of the old site and a image of the new.



Please give your thoughts on the old and the new and the changes that have been made.

Things for next week
Bring all my time sheets into collage.
Check all my work to make sure there is no errors.
Get more feedback from the new version of the site.
Print out all evidence of testing.
Start my evaluation.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Running Errors

This week I am finding out what a pain XHTML really is. The main problem I am having is with validation, as it is strict you can barely do anything, for example for colour I am having to use pictures.

I am new to the concept and have been researching it and all the problems I have can mainly be solved with CSS however as we have to show progression I can not use CSS for everything.

The picture below shows my website still being made, there is a larger space from the side banner not yet coloured (as it needs to be a picture). The space it’s self is caused by a spacer image that I used as I could not use CSS to measure the tables. This is frustrating I was wondering can anybody help with this situation, or post some links which might help.

The main problem/struggle I am having is the character space, as I am trying to follow accessibility rules I need to keep it to 60 characters, if anyone knows a website which can help in this area please don’t hesitate to link it.

All in all this week has been an enjoyable one mainly managing my time and sorting out XHTML. The form I have is working but I cannot upload the website yet as it is not finished. However it should be finished sometime this week and I will post another blog entry after to let you guys comment on my progress so far.

Things to do

Finish my website error free and fully validated.
Upload the website.
Get feedback from the website.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

CGI Help

This is a link that might help if you are strugling setting up your form.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Happy Times

A3 is finally finished now and I am touching up my website. Validating it is a pain especially with strict I almost wish I had chosen transitional. The main reason I am enjoying this is that it is mainly all practical and it is filling my sketchbook fast with testing screen shots and user screen shots.

The struggle is finding the correct age group to view my site and actually comment on it correctly I.E. not family as they tell you what you want to here.

I will be uploading my site next week and I would love it if people could give me feedback, all feedback is good feedback. A new program that I have starting using which helps a lot with A1 is “Mind Genius” it is installed on every PC around collage and can easily create a mind map which as you all know is needed for A1.

More designs, I have scrambled some old magazines for both 1st and 2nd years to use as inspiration I will be giving them to Steve so just ask if you need some more work ect, books / magazines are the best things to get inspiration from as there is so many pictures and font designs in them which could be potentially usable.

Colour is a word that makes me wish I’d done better on my website after reading the colour index I found out I should have been using a light brown background, well at least I am noticing all this now which will make it easier in the future.

The goal for next week is to have my website fully finished and validated with plenty of feedback from all. The unfortunate thing is that it is NEVER finished, because as soon as I get feedback I will be acting on it and making yet even more changes.