Tuesday, 25 December 2007

moving forward

This week has meant many things for me. Mainly looking forward to after Christmas, I did a lot better on the last hand in, I put so many references and I put them in the correct order! Tomorrow I will be checking the site to make sure I have got the required details for the next assignments, also just to get a better understanding of it.

After Christmas there is a few things I want to get done badly and that is to actually stick in all my inspiration with salotape, this is because glue just seems to unstuck after a week maybe I just have that problem I don’t know. Also to start filling my new sketchbook I want it to be more colourful this time round and not just blue ink with a bit of colour.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007


At the beginning of the term I was thinking that I would be passing every assignment first time and thinking that maybe I would get a merit. I was at the beginning a little optimistic about what I as going to achieve while in the course and how I was going to achieve things. Also I did not realize that certain aspects of the course where needed. Such as at first I did not think the sketch book would be much use however I soon learned other wise. Another aspect which I thought was not as important was the Blogger, however I soon learned that it was very important for my progress through out the course.

However since then I have soon learned that the course involves a lot more than just work. There is a lot more work that goes into the marking than what I first thought meaning that it is very hard to actually achieve more than a pass. However despite all this I am very happy with the course so far. At the beginning I did not think that the sketch book was so important. But after doing the course this far I would defiantly say that it is the most important thing on the course. Mainly because so much information is recorded in the sketch book this allows me to look back at it. Another thing what I am happy about is how much I have improved in the over all design aspects of the Interactive course. Before I found it slightly hard to think of ideas fast however, after doing exercises where ideas had to be produced in about 1min I soon learned how to do this correctly. However as well as learning this skill I also learned not to add anything else into the actual design. Before at the beginning I thought that what was best was what I thought was best. However I can safely say that, this is not true anymore. It is always what the client wants.

With these new skills I hope to be able to progress on the course even more and maybe even reach my goal of a merit on at least one or more assignments. I think one more think that I hope to achieve is to improve my Blogging. Mainly because I think hat the Blog makes people on the course connect more and let’s people going through the same things as me share the experience. The main thing that I hope to achieve on the course is experience; so far a lot of this has already been given via learning idea generation and such. However I hope to improve my skills, in both the software and design. My final goal for the end of the course is to gain enough experience to be able to get a job in web design, or a design course that requires idea generation.

To summarise my time on the course so far, I would explain it as enjoyable but at the same time very educational. The best parts about the course so far are the lectures and the sketchbook in which to take notes on the lectures. The main reason being is that they help so much when doing work later on. The most enjoyable part of the course so far has been the image restoration and idea generation, mainly because I learned how to use Photoshop correctly and how to make something that looked bad look good. The idea generation made me think about what it would actually be like in the industry and how fast they expect you to gather information and ideas. I think hat not only was this one of the fun tasks so far it was also the most valuable as it will be one of the main things to help me on my way to a good career.

Main Goals

Short term
Throughout the second semester I would like to achieve at least a merit in assignments. I would also like to get better at using the software applications such as “Dreamweaver and Photoshop” allowing me to be able to make better websites. I would also like to improve my overall sketchbook work, making it more aesthetically pleasing by putting more colour and designs into it. Finally I would like to improve my Blogger skills, by posting more helpful comments.

• To Get Merits
• To be able to use software better
• Use the sketch book more efficiently
• Helpful comments

By the end of the course I hope to achieve all of the goals listed above. This will help me be more employable. However for this I will need to get more experience in the industry this might mean trying to get a part time job to help me on the way.

• Get more industry skills
• Continue improving industry skills
• Do more idea generation

At the end of it all I would like to get a job in the industry in either web design or a design related job such as “Design Mechanics”. However if I feel that I do not yet have the skills I will most likely consider doing another year to get better experience and knowledge.

• Get a design job
• Get enough experience
• Consider doing another year of education

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Ahead of Schedule

Web plan
This week is a happy week as all the work is pretty much done a head of schedule, this means that I do not have to worry as much as I did last time. The main thing that I am going to be working on over the week is making sure that the A3 assignment is up to scratch with references, that was the main point of error in the last one as I did not do them correctly.

I will also be correcting all my spelling and grammar mistakes, I believe doing all these things now rather than later will help me in the long run as I will be able to check all my work. Through out the week a lot of times to make sure that it is all done correctly.

The stress factor comes in knowing that this very important as it is a core unit. I am trying my best and putting as much references in as I can as well as making sure that they are all correctly formatted.

Image Standards

I had an interesting experience this week when I changed my images to make more since with in the industry. I made the title a lot bigger to go with Steve’s recommendations, mainly because some people might not know who the Jazz singers are.

Inspiration Board
This was an idea by Andrew who suggested that the class gets an inspiration/feedback board, so that people in 1st and 2nd year could get a pin board and instead of waiting for some feedback from the blogs just pin it up in class and get feedback that way. This idea I think would be very useful as it would help with getting feedback a lot faster.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The work strain

This week I felt embarrassed as I did not realise that I was doing my references wrong. However I feel a lot better now as I no how to do them properly. Before I was getting most of the information in however I was not doing it in the correct order. Now I feel a lot better as I no exactly how to do them for website and books.


Another point of shame this week is that I did not have the books that are on the course requirement. This made me a bit upset in ways because I knew that I needed them I did not have the money to get them though. However Steve told me the name of a person who will sell me the books cheap which made me happy as now I can buy the books with no stress.


Most of A3 if finished now which is another reason to be happy. There are just a few things I need to do on them. Also I will remember to make sure that A3 has all the correct information in and has all the correct references.


This week another fun assignment creating banners of all things. Although at times this was very stressful as eventually we were creating an idea every 40 seconds. This made the pictures of the people look really funny as there was not enou8gh time to make sure that the pictures was filled out with enough detail and they looked more like shadows.

Work Timescale

While doing the banners I learned how working in a time strained environment is fun and stressful at the same time. Mainly creating them was fun but when it got down to 40 seconds an idea I did not realise the strain it put on to make sure that all the work was done. After doing it though I can see how much I can actually get done in 30 minutes. This is why I have decided to use the strategy on my home study.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

New Hand In

Feelings of tiredness this week as I was up most the week making sure that the referral work was finished. However this with the cold made me feel very drained as I did not get much sleep. But I still came in and worked my hardest through the week to make sure that my work did not suffer as a result.

I am learning now a lot about the mistakes I am making, they are mainly small, but they all add up making a big mistake. I have realised since referral work that I was making a lot of the same mistakes in my ordinary work. .This has helped me a lot as I am now improving my other work.

Working Standards
The week I finally leaned what it would be like to work in a business where they only give you five minutes to do a full business card. This was a helpful task, mainly because I realised how much work I could actually get done if I was in that kind of environment. Evan though I made some mistakes we did it the day after making me happy as I got time to rectify my mistakes.

I have also learned how stressful this could be in the actually industry though. Mainly because it has to be done perfectly after 15 minutes work making it a lot harder, this includes actually thinking of the designs also. I had to think really hard about what I wanted to use as my final design which is where the stress comes from I think however as time gets by I am sure that I will get used to it.

Time Learning
I am feeling a lot more confident this week mainly because I have finally realised how I can achieve my full potential in my time planning. Before I was going about it all wrong but this assignment has changed all that as Steve has taught us about micro planning. This has made me a lot happier as I finally know what to do and when to do it.

Handing in near
Next week most of A3 has to be in meaning I will have to work hard this week to make sure that all the work is in correctly and in the correct format. I will do this by checking it against the other assignment to make sure it looks correct first of all. I am getting a bit better with my spelling and grammar which has made me happy also as now I no where I am going wrong. Because now I now here I am going wrong I can easily proof reed some of my own work. However as sometimes I still get spelling wrong I will be asking other people to check my work to make sure that it is correct.

Another feeling I have has this week is a feeling of knowledge mainly because I have finally learned about a new software “Photoshop”. This is not really new however I did not know how to do some of the things before that I do now.

This task soon became stressful rather than fun though, because I kept finding mistakes in my own work. I have figures out that the best way to make sure that the image is done correctly is to mainly use the clone brush in “2px” This allowed me to edit the picture in small detail well keeping the overall detail. I suppose one thing that made me tired is that image restoration seems to never be complete, I always keep finding little mistakes in the work which can sometimes irritate me.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Colour Change

This week I learned more about colour with “Digital Imagery” and what I realised is that when I thought 5000 pieces of information was a lot for a computer to do this week we learned about TIF, and how printing format is 300DPI and has over 90,000 different pieces of information to remember and save, although this also means that the file size is far greater. But it is worth it if you are planning on making a good print of something; this made me feel happy, as I finally realised all the formats and what I should use for optimum efficiency.


Another major factor this week to add into my knowledge database was about fonts, serifs and symbol ect. Display text confused me at first glance as I thought it looked a bit weird for text then Steve told us that it was mainly used for titles and banners to stand out and catch the eye of the audience. One thing that confused me is that a lot of the fonts looked the same and at first I could not understand, why there was so many fonts, as most of them looked identical, though I gues this is why there are 100,000’s of fonts out there, because most of them are the same with very little difference.


Today I learned how to restore an image, of coarse I will not know if it is done correctly by next week, I am going to try and get as much done this week on the subject as it is something that I really enjoy doing, though I have to remember I have a lot more work to do besides this.

Referral work

This week I also have my referral work to finish off, I have done a lot of it already but I know to keep checking to make sure that it is done correctly. The main reason is that I want this to be done perfectly this time to show that I have learned from my mistakes. Although it might be bad news to get a referral I see it as good news as it has really helped me on the next assignment. Which has made me happy because I am sure that I will not make the same mistakes twice.

Sketch Book

One reason which makes me a bit worried this week is that I am nearing the end of my sketch book, the reason why this makes me worried is, know I will have more pages to look through to find the information that I desire, although a good point is that it will make Steve happy as I am moving onto my second one. Although this does create more work as I am going to have to create another index page.

Things for next week

Referral Work: This is my main priority this week, to make sure that I get all the work done correctly I have taken this week of work to make sure I can get it all done as well as all the other work.

Image restoration: This is the next task I want to make sure that I complete this week, however I will have to do it after my referral work.

Sketchbook: Buy a new sketch book for next week as I am nearing the end of the one I am using at the moment.

Photoshop: One thing that I really want to try and get done this week is Photoshop tutorials online, I think this will help me greatly in the image restoration, if anyone know some good sites can you please comment.

Time: This week I must remember to add new things to my time sheet as they come up, like when I have a break ect, I think this will add to my micro planning, if not please correct me on the comments.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Life of Colour

This week I have learned a lot more about colour, and that it is not just about feelings, though this made me feel a little confused at first. By this I mean all the new meanings of colour I had to experiences such as RGB,
Monochromatic and others, I think that this will be very important towards the next assignment, but I will also be using them in my old assignment (Referral work) manly to show my understanding about the work more.


This week I also got my referral feedback, I had mixed feelings on this knowing that it was fixable made me very happy, but what confused me was how I knew to do certain things and yet for some reason I did not do them on the final design, I don’t know weather I just forgot these on the last printing with getting everything in, I think I did because on my first print out test copy of it most of the points was done, however the point is now I no what I’ve done so now I can fix it, I suppose this is what is really making me happy.


The sketchbook is god, since I have got it back, I have been a lot happier, mainly because I have added loads more inspirational work into it, and now I can actual re read it to find information which is what I missed during reading week. Although the happiness must soon end as I am almost at the end of my first sketchbook meaning that I will have to get another, I’m not sure what Steve does with the old ones whether we are allowed to take them with us (Hopefully) or whether they have to stay in class.

More Design

Today I have done the first part of the new assignment, this has made me very happy learning all the new things about colour and such as I have said above, but another reason why it is making me happy is because, I have a feeling we will be using Photoshop more this time round, I no it will still require a lot of planning, researching and working out.

A good chance for me to put new design work in my sketch book this week also, mainly because “Make Your Mark” was something that was happening in college today and I got some good design ideas from them and also some designs to stick in my sketchbook, I must say that following my argument from last week that some of them look more like art work than design, however this is my interpretation of things, I’m sure that someone could argue with me and clearly explain there point of view on why it is design.


This subject has actually made me happy for a long time, not because there isn’t much to do because that is FAR from the truth, there is loads to do. But the reason I am happy about time is because I have finally learned how to use the time sheets efficiently, I think for this week I have over four sheets to hand in, which is a lot compared to before half term when I wasn’t doing it correctly and only had one or two per week.

Also another reason why I am happy about time, is that Steve will be collecting time sheets now, the reason this is making me happy is that now I no that there is no way that I can loose any of them, this also means that I will be keeping up to date with my work and hopefully having enough proof at the end of assignments to warrant my time on them.

2k words

In this assignment however we have to write 2000 words, although this may seem a lot it has not bothered me that much, mainly because the 2000 words will be split up over 40 items, this works out at about 50 words per item, which isn’t much at all, I’m trying my absolute best to make sure that I do a lot better in the next assignment to stop me getting another referral. However as I have stated in previous posts I am a student and for that reason I am constantly learning new material, this also means that now and again I am going to get something wrong.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

New & Old

First feelings this week, are mainly of disappointment, even though I did the work to the standard I thought was rite, it was wrong, this can only mean one thing and that is, that I have to work at it, to improve, in ways this can also be a happy time, as a way to learn from mistakes, I’m looking forward to the feed back because it will enable me to work out what I did wrong it will also give me ways to improve my work so that I don’t get it wrong again.

The marking is allot stricter at this college than it was at Margret street, this means that this is a whole new experience, now I am just trying to adapt to the new learning style as well as the new marking, all I no is it could be worse, at least I will be able to try and correct my work, where as in industry I might not be so lucky.

Chances are I will be able to make this into a pass, by redoing certain parts of the work that, I have done wrong, I think the main thing that I will have chance to learn. Sorting out problems like this can be very stress full I no that allot of people who got referrals was very upset, mainly because the room went silent, however I am taking this as a lucky break, meaning I am getting another chance, this will help me learn from my mistakes and hopefully never get them wrong again.

The way forward like I said in class is not to sit, wine and be upset about the results given, it is to learn from mistakes made, as Steve has previously mentioned we are all students and he expects us to get it wrong some of the time or we would already be in industry.

The way this can be done is simple, after we have received feedback learn from the mistakes done and correct them, I have already been talking to a number of people which want to get together once feedback has been given to make sure that we all get it rite this time over. I think that this symbolises that the group is coming to one as a whole, hopefully this experience will bond the group making us all stronger as a whole.

Time is a major factor in this I think that allot of people may be very upset, from the grades given out today and may not understand how to change that, hopefully this will get better over time, if not this could cause problems which is why I suppose I’m on a downer at the moment. This meaning that all the people in the class are my friends and it would be a shame to see any of them stick this way, I no at least two that are fairly upset, by the grades and all I can do is stand by and help them get through this experience.

As soon as I saw the presentation on what most people had got wrong, I knew that I had got a referral, mainly because my time sheets wasn’t perfect I think it took me into the last few weeks to use them correctly, I think the initial blow of actually getting a referral has knocked me down in the future, however I see it as another step that I must pass before I can move on, the best way to do this is to listen to friends, family and hopefully get back on track.

In lighter news, I am finally reunited with my sketch book once again, this means that I can now stick all the work over the holidays into my book so that I know where it is, this is one problem which I no has been bugging me for a wile, I’ve been thinking of ideas, but having no where to put them so in some ways I am glad the holidays are over.

Another good point about this week is that I have finally got my host set up, this has gave me an email account also which I hope Steve will be happy about, I am just on the verge of thinking what I can put up there in the mean time to test to make sure it works, I think that a construction site page would be appropriate for now.

New Assignment’s

The new assignments are making me happy the first one is pretty much the old assignment however this time we actually get to make the website which will be very interesting because I will be able to test out my new host I.E. John. The second assignment is a whole new bunch of things, one is Photoshop, I’m sure this will make Gary happy as he will be able to get his design monsters out of the cupboard. However this week part of the assignment is to write down 12 pieces of individual software, such as “Adobe Dream Weaver” and also to write an essay on Design using research from Ian Anderson and the presentation lecture.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

week starts

These last few days I have found very interesting, not only are colours just the interpretation of what something looks like, they are also symbolic, for instance brown meaning earth and Mother Nature. I am slightly weary of what to put in my presentation to make it just five minutes long, I will have to cut allot of information out and just get straight to the point.


I am actually looking forward to the presentation in a few ways it will give me chance to practise a skill which I will need in the industry, but it will also give me more confidence. I think working in the industry is full of meetings and presentations, so I am very happy that we will be doing allot of these, this will prepare us for the industry world and how it works.

Key Skills

Key skills gained from doing presentations can be a number of things, the first is confidence I my self no that I need more confidence which is why I am happy knowing that the class will be doing allot of presentations. Another is seeing what it’s really like in the industry I believe that doing presentations and interviews will help the class understand allot more about what it is like to work in the industry. Also knowledge is one of the things I am enjoying, researching for the presentation has give me allot information on colours and like Steve told me web designers are very brainy because they have to do this kind of research day in and out, this means that they will know allot more than you think. I’m really hopping we do another presentation so that I can get some more info ion things I didn’t no before.

Things I’ve done

This week I have done a number of things, the first is learned about the new assignment, via reading the assignment sheet which is on the HND site, for this I have printed off the next production schedule, I no the first one I did wasn’t very good looking back at it in my minds eye I can see what I did wrong. Also I have printed out a time sheet, as I gather we are technically back at college we just aren’t in the building it’s self.

At the moment I am currently working on my presentation on the colour I was given, this is probably one of the fun tasks, I am learning allot of new things for all colours not just the colour I have been given, allot if not all are symbolic in some way and always represent something else. I.E. “Red is danger to the western world”

The Bible

I am missing my sketch book so much I do not honestly no what to do, I am trying to keep all my work neatly laid out but I think I have lost some pages with not having it. I now no that Steve and the second years was correct in saying that it is like a bible. On the other hand not having the sketch book is teaching me how valuable it is, I really can not wait to get it back to stick all the new work in and so that I can look back for information.

Things for next week

Printed out and electronical version of presentation
Information on colours in sketch book
Put all design and inspiration work in sketchbook
Fill out production schedule
Fill out another time sheet

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Sorry to all

Hi all i would like to take this time to Apologise to you all, this is because I did not no that comment deadline date had changed from before Sunday to before Thursday, I feel as if I have let you all down not knowing this fact and I will sure as hell make it up to you.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Design Week

This week I have been thinking about the last assignment, I’m hoping that I’ve past but if I haven’t I will make sure I pass it next time. This week I have learned a few things about design and how important the target audience is, if you look at cat food and cat treats most if not all have pictures of cats looking happy, this implies to the owners of cats to buy there food, o coarse some go way over the TOP I.E. whiskers, they have cat treats where the actual box is shaped as a cat.

I have also been gathering more design ideas, I have got some scenic pictures which I will be sticking indo the scrap book (when we get it back). Also I have got loads of logos, mainly from farm things like tractors, seen as I work on a farm I have plenty of opportunities to get my own good photos and logo ideas.

Things to do

For the rest of the week I will be reading the new assignment, and printing out preparation work for, this will hopefully help me allot especially if I get referred and have to do two assignments at once, Also I will be getting more logo designs and inspirational pictures.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Finally !!!


This week was so relieving as I finally handed in my work, it made me feel happy as i knew the stress would be gone for one week, however I know it will soon be back after half term with another assignment however, strangely I am looking forward to it. Maybe I’m just looking forward to the marks so that I no what to improve on, I just don’t know. In the next couple of weeks I know a presentation is coming mainly because Steve did a presentation on it, however “Gary” also gave Steve the idea which means if Steve wasn’t thinking about it, you can assure that he is now.

Thing’s Learned

The main things learned this week was how important it is to have the work ready one week earlier, the reason I know this is that it made the last week a lot easier as I knew exactly what I needed to do. I asked John to proof read my work which I think he said “That’s a first” It wasn’t really at the proof reading he had to do its that I asked him to sign after to proof that he had read it, hopefully that will go towards M2 on the assignment.

As said in the previous posts time is flying as you can tell its almost November, I’m hoping that I have a pass however if I have a referral I wont mind too much as Steve said “You are students” this implies that we are all learning, we cant all be perfect or we would be in industry. If I do get a referral I think I will work on it for a full week to make sure that I can have it finished and up to scratch to cause me less stress.


I am now starting to master my time and my time planning I’m not sure if I filled my time plan in correctly yet until Steve and John has looked at it however I’m hoping that it is done correctly because then I will no for sure when to do my work.

Looking Back

Looking back from when I first started I can defiantly see a difference, before I was on this course I was at Wakefield college which was a different teaching standard, Steve and John really have improved me as now I’m doing the work on time always getting it ready before hand and hopefully getting it right though there may be cases where I get it wrong.


Spelling will always be my weak point, however I am confident that there will always be people to put me right on spelling, so if anyone reading this is thinking I’ve got allot of spelling mistakes can you please E-Mail them to me so that I know where I am going wrong, also I can add them to my auto correct which will enable me to get them rite in the future. As for example the email I sent to Steve had a rather embarrassing word on because I didn’t check the spell check properly, Steve was kind enough to tell me but I must admit it was really funny, but I’m also hoping I don’t do it again as now I have a new nick name, I’m sure you will all here of it if you haven’t already.

Key Points

Spell checking
Time keeping

Things to come

Reading week

Monday, 15 October 2007

More Websites

www.thecounter.com (This site will allow you to check the most resent statistics on the web)
www.w3.org (This site has lots of infomation, Inc: Definitions and meanings to HTLM, XHTML, CSS ect. Also a full accessibility rules list)

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Count The Blessings

Deadline Incoming

The week of the deadline soon approaches, however this week was the test week for the deadline and I must say I’m happy, not because it’s all done because I no there is a lot more things I can do within the assignment but I what I need to do and how to do it. This has brought me a lot of joy as last week I was upset thinking that I wasn’t going to make it.

Reasons for relief

The reason this week is so relieving is that I no I can finish before Wednesday, this will allow me the rest of the week to proof read it and make sure that it is all correct, but finally I can relax, for a short few days.

Time Goes By

Time still seams to be flying by before my eyes though now I think that I am under control, as I no what to do and when to do it, I finally found my perfect working time last week. It is between 9-10pm I don’t know why but I find I work a lot more sufficiently at this time, maybe it’s because I have had more than five coffee’s by then.

No More Microsoft

What can I say, other than don’t use free Microsoft E-mailing accounts, hotmail has had a real problem this week not letting me accept any of Steve’s Emails, this has annoyed me, reason being that I have received them perfectly up to this date, however there is light at the end of the tunnel, as John is allowing me to buy into his server which will give me my own E-mail address that I can control as well as a web hosting account, this will come in handy for the next assignment.


This week I have learned that I must index my scrap book, mainly because it will help Steve when marking the work find references, however it will also help me when in seminar groups and groups with John. The reason it will help me is because I will no where all my work is and where all my evidence is.


I am looking forward to this next week and doing my evaluation, the reason being that half of it is in my Blog anyway so I really shouldn’t have as much to do as normal, this makes me feel happy meaning less stress, although I’m sure ill struggle on some parts, but for most I will use my Blog as my guide for the evaluation.

Reading Skills

This week I attended my weekly dyslexia meeting with Liz, I learned a lot more things this week about the dyslexia and how to improve it, before trying to read words got blurry from reading because of the sharpness of the background colour. However this week I learnt of layovers which really improves my reading style and helps me read a lot easier.

Key Points Learned

Time planning
Style sheets for dyslexia
Auto replaces
Page maker

Things for next week

More in page maker
Finishing the assignment
Putting all the work in the folder
Relaxing after deadline
Getting ready for the new assignment

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Chase For New Talent

To start of I would like to express the gratitude towards Steve for letting me sit in on the DM (Design Mechanics) presentation, this was of much use as I learned all about the industry and how the clients really are (stubborn). To sum things up DM was an industry for experience, it lets new graduates get experience where as most design businesses ask you to have at least four years experience.

This week 1st and 2nd of October was both worry and joy, what I mean by this is that on Monday I was worrying weather I would get everything in on time, however on Tuesday signs of joy was appearing as I had caught up with all the work, this made me very happy and proud, now is just the worry of getting everything into page maker and making it look rite, the hardest thing is to make sure that the references are correctly matched with the work.

Points Learned

A number of things learned this weak one of which was improved skill in page maker, this software can really annoy me when the measurements just don’t want to go rite, by this I mean the rulers, one time they will fit perfectly the next they don’t. However page maker has made me feel more comfortable with grouping large text and print work together. Other things included, better time keeping and most accessibility rules.


I don’t know if all the class feels the same but the entire weeks at college seem to just fly by, by this I mean that I don’t seem to have enough time, I blink and a day has flown by before my very eyes.

Things For Next Week

Next week I would like to fully, complete the assignment one week early, this will allow Steve to be able to give me feedback on the work which will hopefully allow me to improve, on it. I am hopeful that I will do a good job first time, however after hearing horror stories from the second years and how many people was referred I think deep down I am a little worried. (Only time will tell)

Key points
Time keeping
Assignment rules
Accessibility rules
Page maker skills
Production skills

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Lessons & Facts

This weak is my catch up weak, so far I have managed to look into three hosting accounts. From this I learned about the different prices, information and databases which was included in each of the hosts. I got allot of compassion this weak, because of the reason stated in the last post, this made me feel happy as now I no I defiantly belong in the group.

The real struggle this weak has bean trying to understand the technical side of web design and that is all the different languages involved, such as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), learning to write in HTML will be very difficult I think I am just at the moment looking into tutorials on Delicious, which is a good site with plenty of answers to questions plus free tutorials. (If you no any more tutorial links please comment) Another software I have learned about this weak, is Adobe Page Maker, the software its self is very useful especially for creating your first layout design on as you can measure it to the nearest mm. (millimetre) It is also used to create other things such as journals and books, simply because of all the rulers and guidelines you have on the software, generally I feel confident with the new software and look forward to using it again.

Another thing this weak which made me feel a little distressed, was hearing about “Jacob Neilson” who is an accessibility “freak” as well as a web designers worst nightmare, he is very big headed, he is correct however, he seams dull and doesn’t seem to like design, however as Steve would say “Content is king” and over 80% of people visit a website for some kind of information not the flashy pictures.

At the end of the day we was taught a lesson by Steve for not using are journals properly which is fair enough, as we was warned by Julian and both Craig’s to treat are journals like a bible, and in actual fact that’s what they are, when you need information you no where to look as it should be somewhere in the journal.

Key Points

Page Maker
Up-To-Date Blog work
Affective time keeping
Referencing and Plagiarism
Web plan

Monday, 24 September 2007

Days Away


Last weak I was ill, from Sunday until Monday night, however on Monday I learnt that my Granddad had sadly past away this made me feel quite upset and I really couldn’t have worked to my full potential, as I normally would do. Now I’m back I will be concentrating on the work I have missed so that I can catch up, to do this I will be planning allot of self study this weak, this will allow me to catch up, as well as monitor my own performance.

During the time off I felt as if I was failing my self not being able to do the work I wanted to do, but certain things in life can affect the work you do, now I am better im hoping to get back on track.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Websites to Match

del.icio.us This site contains a bookmark of various sites and stats.
evolt.org This site allows you to download new and old browser versions.
thecounter.com This site lets you browse statistics on what browser is used most.

Seminars & Skills

Weeks Beginning

This weak has involved allot of research, this in-turn made me very happy as I was not only learning more about a certain person, I was researching about the person that gives me inspiration; David Attenborough. The research work is ongoing and it is what I expected, however I did not expect to be able to pick my own research target.

This weak I also got to go to support for my dyslexia in spelling, this did not affect me much as I have bean to support groups before, although I was frustrated as I missed part of a presentation, but when I came back Steve caught me up so I felt better straight after.

This week we also started the assignment, which made me feel happy as I knew that I was starting to get to no the course and the people within the course. The lectures we have on the assignment are well explained and if I don’t understand anything there is always a QA session after which makes me happy as I am able to find answers to the parts I don’t understand.

Best Part

The best part about this weak has bean learning about the entire course, the assignment and the rules about the assignment. The reason for this being the best part for me is that it allowed me to be able to sit down and look at and understand the work that I would be doing over the coming weeks.


The weak as a whole made me feel happy as I learnt allot more about my self and about the course. The main thing that I’ve learnt this weak is that the note book will always provide reference, so I am trying to jot down all the notes I can, this will save me allot of time during the assignment as I will already have allot of the assignment write down in notes in front of me.

Key Points

· Learning more about note taking
· Learning about seminars
· Learning about support groups
· Asking questions
· Researching
· Time keeping
· Learning about the assignment
· Learning certain rules of an assignment

Monday, 10 September 2007

First Feelings

Group Activity’s

The first activity was where we all sat in a circle and tried to remember each others names, this was a good way to get to no the people we would be working with and also a good as it made me feel more at ease because I learnt the names of my colleagues.

The next activity made me feel part of a team. This was because of the team activities we all did, this included answering questions in a team of two-three people, the teams was randomly set out to give the full group a chance to get to no each other, this made me feel more welcome and helped me settle into the group as a whole. Another team activity was bidding on items which would enable the team to drop an egg out of a window without it breaking, this once again helped as team work was essential for everyone to have fun, wile learning new experiences.

Best Part About The Weak

The best part about the weak for me was a presentation from the second year students this provided allot of information which was very useful and it was nice to talk to some people who have gone through the experience before.


The first weak was mainly about team building and how to survive the two years in the course, the activities and team work made me feel at ease as well as introduce me to new people and the way of life in the interactive media course.

Key Points

The key points I learnt in the weak was that to always note in my sketch book this will allow me to reference notes made at an earlier, another useful fact I picked up from the second years is to always be aware of time and to make sure that all work is planned out before hand, this will ensure less stress when I’m doing assignments as I will know which part I’m doing and when I’m doing it.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

My life up to now

Where I’ve come from

From an early age, I have always been interested in design I used to draw roughly about 4-5 hours every day, I used drawing as a way to relax and feel more at ease with my self as a person. As years past I learnt more about drawing and the creativity behind drawing. This made me want to draw more and become a designer of some kind.

By the time I was half way through high school, I learnt allot about personal computers how they run and what they can do, because i wanted to explore this for me self, I bought my own drawing software for my pc called “Paint ShopPro” this allowed me to create my own drawings as well as having fun creating them in a new environment. Since then I have purchased more software such as “Adobe Photoshop” this software is very similar to “Paint-Shop-Pro” but allows me to use more creativity in the drawings I do.

After high school I decided that I wanted to no more about pc’s and the environment in which they are used so I did a course at Wakefield college called “GCE In Applied ICT” this taught me allot about pc’s and how they are not just used for design and fun, I learnt how to successfully build and create my own pc as well as learning all about networking, web design and the laws that are used when accessing a pc. This is when I learnt that I could fuse my talents for pc’s and design via web creation however in this course there was very limited web creation available and the only software I was able to use was front page, this is when I knew that I wanted to know allot more in this particular skill so I decided to apply for a full web design course.

Where I’m going

I am attending Wakefield college at thorns park. The course i'm doing is "HND in interactive media". From this course I hope to gain enough experience and qualifications to start work in the industry. I would also like to learn new ideas and creations which will help me get there, along the way I will to pick up allot of inspiration which will enable me to improve in design and help me get the job I want. In the future I would like to work in the industry of web design for a few years, this will give me great experience for setting up my own business in design.

How I’m going to get there

To make sure that I get the things I want in life I will work to my full potential, making sure that all my work is to a high standard and always in on time. To make sure that all my work is in on time I will be creating a time planner which will enable me to work in my own pace as well as finish all the work on time.