Tuesday, 4 March 2008


This week I have learned more about my self and what I need to do in the future. I have learned more about the way I should conduct text formatting thanks to John, but I have also learned that I struggle with time planning.

To try and make my self better at time planning next week I am going to devote a full day to making sure I have my entire next assignment fully planned out before I even start it. I believe this will help me in the long run by keeping me focused and also allowing me to move at a comfortable rate.

Monday I made my final finishes to the website and my evaluation however I can’t help feeling somewhat disappointed in my self for not finished a week a head of schedule like I should be doing, this is another reason why I need to sort out my time planning.

I feel happy as I have done a lot better on this assignment. I have learned a lot from this assignment and how I can improve future work. One is to always research; researching colour in depth after feedback allowed me to create the site easier and allowed me to get a colour scheme which I was happy with. One more thing learned is time planning as mentioned above I need to improve drastically to allow me to reach my full potential when doing assignments.

In the future I will be following these rules:
Research the activity before doing it.
This will give me more confidence while doing the work, it should also improve my performance on tasks as I will know a lot more about the subject before starting.

Complete a full time plan for an assignment, before starting it.
This will allow me to organise my time correctly, which will allow me to finish assignments at the correct time which is 1 week before deadline.

Reread the assignment criteria.
This will help me understand the assignment more as well as make me aware of any potential problems before they pop up.

More sketchbook work.
Although I have done a lot more work this time around I have failed to get all the work stuck into the sketchbook which means it is useless, the way to fix this is to make more time for A1 which can be done via the time sheets.

I feel happy with the improvements I have made, although I am upset about certain aspects such as time planning I know that I can fix this by giving my self time to work out how to correctly fill in the time sheets. Like I said above I believe the way to fix this is by doing a full assignment time plan before I even start it.