Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Chase For New Talent

To start of I would like to express the gratitude towards Steve for letting me sit in on the DM (Design Mechanics) presentation, this was of much use as I learned all about the industry and how the clients really are (stubborn). To sum things up DM was an industry for experience, it lets new graduates get experience where as most design businesses ask you to have at least four years experience.

This week 1st and 2nd of October was both worry and joy, what I mean by this is that on Monday I was worrying weather I would get everything in on time, however on Tuesday signs of joy was appearing as I had caught up with all the work, this made me very happy and proud, now is just the worry of getting everything into page maker and making it look rite, the hardest thing is to make sure that the references are correctly matched with the work.

Points Learned

A number of things learned this weak one of which was improved skill in page maker, this software can really annoy me when the measurements just don’t want to go rite, by this I mean the rulers, one time they will fit perfectly the next they don’t. However page maker has made me feel more comfortable with grouping large text and print work together. Other things included, better time keeping and most accessibility rules.


I don’t know if all the class feels the same but the entire weeks at college seem to just fly by, by this I mean that I don’t seem to have enough time, I blink and a day has flown by before my very eyes.

Things For Next Week

Next week I would like to fully, complete the assignment one week early, this will allow Steve to be able to give me feedback on the work which will hopefully allow me to improve, on it. I am hopeful that I will do a good job first time, however after hearing horror stories from the second years and how many people was referred I think deep down I am a little worried. (Only time will tell)

Key points
Time keeping
Assignment rules
Accessibility rules
Page maker skills
Production skills