Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Lessons & Facts

This weak is my catch up weak, so far I have managed to look into three hosting accounts. From this I learned about the different prices, information and databases which was included in each of the hosts. I got allot of compassion this weak, because of the reason stated in the last post, this made me feel happy as now I no I defiantly belong in the group.

The real struggle this weak has bean trying to understand the technical side of web design and that is all the different languages involved, such as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), learning to write in HTML will be very difficult I think I am just at the moment looking into tutorials on Delicious, which is a good site with plenty of answers to questions plus free tutorials. (If you no any more tutorial links please comment) Another software I have learned about this weak, is Adobe Page Maker, the software its self is very useful especially for creating your first layout design on as you can measure it to the nearest mm. (millimetre) It is also used to create other things such as journals and books, simply because of all the rulers and guidelines you have on the software, generally I feel confident with the new software and look forward to using it again.

Another thing this weak which made me feel a little distressed, was hearing about “Jacob Neilson” who is an accessibility “freak” as well as a web designers worst nightmare, he is very big headed, he is correct however, he seams dull and doesn’t seem to like design, however as Steve would say “Content is king” and over 80% of people visit a website for some kind of information not the flashy pictures.

At the end of the day we was taught a lesson by Steve for not using are journals properly which is fair enough, as we was warned by Julian and both Craig’s to treat are journals like a bible, and in actual fact that’s what they are, when you need information you no where to look as it should be somewhere in the journal.

Key Points

Page Maker
Up-To-Date Blog work
Affective time keeping
Referencing and Plagiarism
Web plan

Monday, 24 September 2007

Days Away


Last weak I was ill, from Sunday until Monday night, however on Monday I learnt that my Granddad had sadly past away this made me feel quite upset and I really couldn’t have worked to my full potential, as I normally would do. Now I’m back I will be concentrating on the work I have missed so that I can catch up, to do this I will be planning allot of self study this weak, this will allow me to catch up, as well as monitor my own performance.

During the time off I felt as if I was failing my self not being able to do the work I wanted to do, but certain things in life can affect the work you do, now I am better im hoping to get back on track.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Websites to Match

del.icio.us This site contains a bookmark of various sites and stats.
evolt.org This site allows you to download new and old browser versions.
thecounter.com This site lets you browse statistics on what browser is used most.

Seminars & Skills

Weeks Beginning

This weak has involved allot of research, this in-turn made me very happy as I was not only learning more about a certain person, I was researching about the person that gives me inspiration; David Attenborough. The research work is ongoing and it is what I expected, however I did not expect to be able to pick my own research target.

This weak I also got to go to support for my dyslexia in spelling, this did not affect me much as I have bean to support groups before, although I was frustrated as I missed part of a presentation, but when I came back Steve caught me up so I felt better straight after.

This week we also started the assignment, which made me feel happy as I knew that I was starting to get to no the course and the people within the course. The lectures we have on the assignment are well explained and if I don’t understand anything there is always a QA session after which makes me happy as I am able to find answers to the parts I don’t understand.

Best Part

The best part about this weak has bean learning about the entire course, the assignment and the rules about the assignment. The reason for this being the best part for me is that it allowed me to be able to sit down and look at and understand the work that I would be doing over the coming weeks.


The weak as a whole made me feel happy as I learnt allot more about my self and about the course. The main thing that I’ve learnt this weak is that the note book will always provide reference, so I am trying to jot down all the notes I can, this will save me allot of time during the assignment as I will already have allot of the assignment write down in notes in front of me.

Key Points

· Learning more about note taking
· Learning about seminars
· Learning about support groups
· Asking questions
· Researching
· Time keeping
· Learning about the assignment
· Learning certain rules of an assignment

Monday, 10 September 2007

First Feelings

Group Activity’s

The first activity was where we all sat in a circle and tried to remember each others names, this was a good way to get to no the people we would be working with and also a good as it made me feel more at ease because I learnt the names of my colleagues.

The next activity made me feel part of a team. This was because of the team activities we all did, this included answering questions in a team of two-three people, the teams was randomly set out to give the full group a chance to get to no each other, this made me feel more welcome and helped me settle into the group as a whole. Another team activity was bidding on items which would enable the team to drop an egg out of a window without it breaking, this once again helped as team work was essential for everyone to have fun, wile learning new experiences.

Best Part About The Weak

The best part about the weak for me was a presentation from the second year students this provided allot of information which was very useful and it was nice to talk to some people who have gone through the experience before.


The first weak was mainly about team building and how to survive the two years in the course, the activities and team work made me feel at ease as well as introduce me to new people and the way of life in the interactive media course.

Key Points

The key points I learnt in the weak was that to always note in my sketch book this will allow me to reference notes made at an earlier, another useful fact I picked up from the second years is to always be aware of time and to make sure that all work is planned out before hand, this will ensure less stress when I’m doing assignments as I will know which part I’m doing and when I’m doing it.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

My life up to now

Where I’ve come from

From an early age, I have always been interested in design I used to draw roughly about 4-5 hours every day, I used drawing as a way to relax and feel more at ease with my self as a person. As years past I learnt more about drawing and the creativity behind drawing. This made me want to draw more and become a designer of some kind.

By the time I was half way through high school, I learnt allot about personal computers how they run and what they can do, because i wanted to explore this for me self, I bought my own drawing software for my pc called “Paint ShopPro” this allowed me to create my own drawings as well as having fun creating them in a new environment. Since then I have purchased more software such as “Adobe Photoshop” this software is very similar to “Paint-Shop-Pro” but allows me to use more creativity in the drawings I do.

After high school I decided that I wanted to no more about pc’s and the environment in which they are used so I did a course at Wakefield college called “GCE In Applied ICT” this taught me allot about pc’s and how they are not just used for design and fun, I learnt how to successfully build and create my own pc as well as learning all about networking, web design and the laws that are used when accessing a pc. This is when I learnt that I could fuse my talents for pc’s and design via web creation however in this course there was very limited web creation available and the only software I was able to use was front page, this is when I knew that I wanted to know allot more in this particular skill so I decided to apply for a full web design course.

Where I’m going

I am attending Wakefield college at thorns park. The course i'm doing is "HND in interactive media". From this course I hope to gain enough experience and qualifications to start work in the industry. I would also like to learn new ideas and creations which will help me get there, along the way I will to pick up allot of inspiration which will enable me to improve in design and help me get the job I want. In the future I would like to work in the industry of web design for a few years, this will give me great experience for setting up my own business in design.

How I’m going to get there

To make sure that I get the things I want in life I will work to my full potential, making sure that all my work is to a high standard and always in on time. To make sure that all my work is in on time I will be creating a time planner which will enable me to work in my own pace as well as finish all the work on time.