Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Finally !!!


This week was so relieving as I finally handed in my work, it made me feel happy as i knew the stress would be gone for one week, however I know it will soon be back after half term with another assignment however, strangely I am looking forward to it. Maybe I’m just looking forward to the marks so that I no what to improve on, I just don’t know. In the next couple of weeks I know a presentation is coming mainly because Steve did a presentation on it, however “Gary” also gave Steve the idea which means if Steve wasn’t thinking about it, you can assure that he is now.

Thing’s Learned

The main things learned this week was how important it is to have the work ready one week earlier, the reason I know this is that it made the last week a lot easier as I knew exactly what I needed to do. I asked John to proof read my work which I think he said “That’s a first” It wasn’t really at the proof reading he had to do its that I asked him to sign after to proof that he had read it, hopefully that will go towards M2 on the assignment.

As said in the previous posts time is flying as you can tell its almost November, I’m hoping that I have a pass however if I have a referral I wont mind too much as Steve said “You are students” this implies that we are all learning, we cant all be perfect or we would be in industry. If I do get a referral I think I will work on it for a full week to make sure that I can have it finished and up to scratch to cause me less stress.


I am now starting to master my time and my time planning I’m not sure if I filled my time plan in correctly yet until Steve and John has looked at it however I’m hoping that it is done correctly because then I will no for sure when to do my work.

Looking Back

Looking back from when I first started I can defiantly see a difference, before I was on this course I was at Wakefield college which was a different teaching standard, Steve and John really have improved me as now I’m doing the work on time always getting it ready before hand and hopefully getting it right though there may be cases where I get it wrong.


Spelling will always be my weak point, however I am confident that there will always be people to put me right on spelling, so if anyone reading this is thinking I’ve got allot of spelling mistakes can you please E-Mail them to me so that I know where I am going wrong, also I can add them to my auto correct which will enable me to get them rite in the future. As for example the email I sent to Steve had a rather embarrassing word on because I didn’t check the spell check properly, Steve was kind enough to tell me but I must admit it was really funny, but I’m also hoping I don’t do it again as now I have a new nick name, I’m sure you will all here of it if you haven’t already.

Key Points

Spell checking
Time keeping

Things to come

Reading week