Thursday, 8 January 2009

PHP The Way To Go


This will be the first site I will look at well researching PHP, it has very basic and easy to understand tutorials.


This site tends to have more advanced PHP tutorials; once I have grasped thee basics of PHP I will surely be visiting this site as it will allow me to create and do more interesting things with PHP. For instance this particular site has various PHP tutorials on how to create forms and a mailing list. This can be very valuable when making a website with a form.


On this site there are both advanced and basic tutorials, ranging from how to start in PHP and the more advanced E-Commerce.


This site has very good tutorials, most of them are videos. This is a very good site especially if you can’t understand some of the writing which is in most the tutorials.


This is an ok PHP video tutorial site. It has videos for both basic and advanced PHP, meaning you can progress slowly through the videos allowing you to develop PHP at your own pace.


A basic tutorial site, this site is perfect for beginners as it shows the first type of scripts you should be creating with PHP and how to do them.


Zend is a great site for beginners learning PHP. It has been strictly made for people who are just starting out in PHP and offers some simple advice to help you write scripts.


This site offers a wide range of tutorials. There are limited beginning tutorials but after the other sites this may be one to check for more advanced PHP help.


This is a free online E-Book, it is an older version of the book but still offers valuable knowledge to help set up PHP and other basic information that is needed before starting to write PHP.


The Book “The PHP Anthology” is a great book, the first 207 pages are available free and offer some very useful PHP information which is easy to understand and follow.