Tuesday, 25 December 2007

moving forward

This week has meant many things for me. Mainly looking forward to after Christmas, I did a lot better on the last hand in, I put so many references and I put them in the correct order! Tomorrow I will be checking the site to make sure I have got the required details for the next assignments, also just to get a better understanding of it.

After Christmas there is a few things I want to get done badly and that is to actually stick in all my inspiration with salotape, this is because glue just seems to unstuck after a week maybe I just have that problem I don’t know. Also to start filling my new sketchbook I want it to be more colourful this time round and not just blue ink with a bit of colour.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007


At the beginning of the term I was thinking that I would be passing every assignment first time and thinking that maybe I would get a merit. I was at the beginning a little optimistic about what I as going to achieve while in the course and how I was going to achieve things. Also I did not realize that certain aspects of the course where needed. Such as at first I did not think the sketch book would be much use however I soon learned other wise. Another aspect which I thought was not as important was the Blogger, however I soon learned that it was very important for my progress through out the course.

However since then I have soon learned that the course involves a lot more than just work. There is a lot more work that goes into the marking than what I first thought meaning that it is very hard to actually achieve more than a pass. However despite all this I am very happy with the course so far. At the beginning I did not think that the sketch book was so important. But after doing the course this far I would defiantly say that it is the most important thing on the course. Mainly because so much information is recorded in the sketch book this allows me to look back at it. Another thing what I am happy about is how much I have improved in the over all design aspects of the Interactive course. Before I found it slightly hard to think of ideas fast however, after doing exercises where ideas had to be produced in about 1min I soon learned how to do this correctly. However as well as learning this skill I also learned not to add anything else into the actual design. Before at the beginning I thought that what was best was what I thought was best. However I can safely say that, this is not true anymore. It is always what the client wants.

With these new skills I hope to be able to progress on the course even more and maybe even reach my goal of a merit on at least one or more assignments. I think one more think that I hope to achieve is to improve my Blogging. Mainly because I think hat the Blog makes people on the course connect more and let’s people going through the same things as me share the experience. The main thing that I hope to achieve on the course is experience; so far a lot of this has already been given via learning idea generation and such. However I hope to improve my skills, in both the software and design. My final goal for the end of the course is to gain enough experience to be able to get a job in web design, or a design course that requires idea generation.

To summarise my time on the course so far, I would explain it as enjoyable but at the same time very educational. The best parts about the course so far are the lectures and the sketchbook in which to take notes on the lectures. The main reason being is that they help so much when doing work later on. The most enjoyable part of the course so far has been the image restoration and idea generation, mainly because I learned how to use Photoshop correctly and how to make something that looked bad look good. The idea generation made me think about what it would actually be like in the industry and how fast they expect you to gather information and ideas. I think hat not only was this one of the fun tasks so far it was also the most valuable as it will be one of the main things to help me on my way to a good career.

Main Goals

Short term
Throughout the second semester I would like to achieve at least a merit in assignments. I would also like to get better at using the software applications such as “Dreamweaver and Photoshop” allowing me to be able to make better websites. I would also like to improve my overall sketchbook work, making it more aesthetically pleasing by putting more colour and designs into it. Finally I would like to improve my Blogger skills, by posting more helpful comments.

• To Get Merits
• To be able to use software better
• Use the sketch book more efficiently
• Helpful comments

By the end of the course I hope to achieve all of the goals listed above. This will help me be more employable. However for this I will need to get more experience in the industry this might mean trying to get a part time job to help me on the way.

• Get more industry skills
• Continue improving industry skills
• Do more idea generation

At the end of it all I would like to get a job in the industry in either web design or a design related job such as “Design Mechanics”. However if I feel that I do not yet have the skills I will most likely consider doing another year to get better experience and knowledge.

• Get a design job
• Get enough experience
• Consider doing another year of education

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Ahead of Schedule

Web plan
This week is a happy week as all the work is pretty much done a head of schedule, this means that I do not have to worry as much as I did last time. The main thing that I am going to be working on over the week is making sure that the A3 assignment is up to scratch with references, that was the main point of error in the last one as I did not do them correctly.

I will also be correcting all my spelling and grammar mistakes, I believe doing all these things now rather than later will help me in the long run as I will be able to check all my work. Through out the week a lot of times to make sure that it is all done correctly.

The stress factor comes in knowing that this very important as it is a core unit. I am trying my best and putting as much references in as I can as well as making sure that they are all correctly formatted.

Image Standards

I had an interesting experience this week when I changed my images to make more since with in the industry. I made the title a lot bigger to go with Steve’s recommendations, mainly because some people might not know who the Jazz singers are.

Inspiration Board
This was an idea by Andrew who suggested that the class gets an inspiration/feedback board, so that people in 1st and 2nd year could get a pin board and instead of waiting for some feedback from the blogs just pin it up in class and get feedback that way. This idea I think would be very useful as it would help with getting feedback a lot faster.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The work strain

This week I felt embarrassed as I did not realise that I was doing my references wrong. However I feel a lot better now as I no how to do them properly. Before I was getting most of the information in however I was not doing it in the correct order. Now I feel a lot better as I no exactly how to do them for website and books.


Another point of shame this week is that I did not have the books that are on the course requirement. This made me a bit upset in ways because I knew that I needed them I did not have the money to get them though. However Steve told me the name of a person who will sell me the books cheap which made me happy as now I can buy the books with no stress.


Most of A3 if finished now which is another reason to be happy. There are just a few things I need to do on them. Also I will remember to make sure that A3 has all the correct information in and has all the correct references.


This week another fun assignment creating banners of all things. Although at times this was very stressful as eventually we were creating an idea every 40 seconds. This made the pictures of the people look really funny as there was not enou8gh time to make sure that the pictures was filled out with enough detail and they looked more like shadows.

Work Timescale

While doing the banners I learned how working in a time strained environment is fun and stressful at the same time. Mainly creating them was fun but when it got down to 40 seconds an idea I did not realise the strain it put on to make sure that all the work was done. After doing it though I can see how much I can actually get done in 30 minutes. This is why I have decided to use the strategy on my home study.