Tuesday, 30 October 2007

week starts

These last few days I have found very interesting, not only are colours just the interpretation of what something looks like, they are also symbolic, for instance brown meaning earth and Mother Nature. I am slightly weary of what to put in my presentation to make it just five minutes long, I will have to cut allot of information out and just get straight to the point.


I am actually looking forward to the presentation in a few ways it will give me chance to practise a skill which I will need in the industry, but it will also give me more confidence. I think working in the industry is full of meetings and presentations, so I am very happy that we will be doing allot of these, this will prepare us for the industry world and how it works.

Key Skills

Key skills gained from doing presentations can be a number of things, the first is confidence I my self no that I need more confidence which is why I am happy knowing that the class will be doing allot of presentations. Another is seeing what it’s really like in the industry I believe that doing presentations and interviews will help the class understand allot more about what it is like to work in the industry. Also knowledge is one of the things I am enjoying, researching for the presentation has give me allot information on colours and like Steve told me web designers are very brainy because they have to do this kind of research day in and out, this means that they will know allot more than you think. I’m really hopping we do another presentation so that I can get some more info ion things I didn’t no before.

Things I’ve done

This week I have done a number of things, the first is learned about the new assignment, via reading the assignment sheet which is on the HND site, for this I have printed off the next production schedule, I no the first one I did wasn’t very good looking back at it in my minds eye I can see what I did wrong. Also I have printed out a time sheet, as I gather we are technically back at college we just aren’t in the building it’s self.

At the moment I am currently working on my presentation on the colour I was given, this is probably one of the fun tasks, I am learning allot of new things for all colours not just the colour I have been given, allot if not all are symbolic in some way and always represent something else. I.E. “Red is danger to the western world”

The Bible

I am missing my sketch book so much I do not honestly no what to do, I am trying to keep all my work neatly laid out but I think I have lost some pages with not having it. I now no that Steve and the second years was correct in saying that it is like a bible. On the other hand not having the sketch book is teaching me how valuable it is, I really can not wait to get it back to stick all the new work in and so that I can look back for information.

Things for next week

Printed out and electronical version of presentation
Information on colours in sketch book
Put all design and inspiration work in sketchbook
Fill out production schedule
Fill out another time sheet