Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Logo creation

This week mainly consisted of creating more logos and trying different variations of the top chosen logos. However once done I had to learn not to get too attached to the logos I was creating as they would soon be commented on.

The main motive I had going with all the logos I had created was one that represented the world and how different things emit around the world. To make sure that I was doing the correct type of logos I asked for feedback of cause all feedback is good feedback so it all helped.

At the beginning of a week I was carrying on with my earth logo with a satellite floating around the earth while emitting signals to the things below. I thought this would show how it picked up different parts / different scenes from around the world.

Learning the client

However quickly learning that this was not the correct logo was good to stop me falling for the one idea, I soon found out via though client (Steve) That a more sun/eclipse logo would be more ideal in this situation. This not only showed how objects such as light could be emitted down to earth but how easily the light could be taken away. This makes it, appeal more strongly in my opinion.

Another reason why I ended up preferring this choice is that I know that it would look good on the front of a CD cover rather than spoiling the look, as my first intended logo would have done.

Finding paths
This title simple means the new software I have learned to use this week (Freehand), although I have learned about this software I still think it is a bit more mysterious than meats the eye. Although to be honest a lot of the options look very similar to Photoshop but this only helps me settle in to the software more easily.

To get my full potential out of this software I will be searching for tutorials to help me get used to the new formats and things that you can do while using free hand. If you have any links that could help please list them below.

Over the week
Learning the edge, by this I mean learn more about the software Freehand and what it can do. Plus find out information on how it can improve logo creation.

Testing and creating, testing my new logo in different environments such as colour and background affects.

Proof of testing, screenshot any tests done on the PC and stick any paper work into the sketchbook.

New sketchbook, this week I will need a new sketchbook for this assignment I feel as if I have already done enough work to fill a new one beyond half.