Monday, 6 October 2008


For the second year I hope to have a better understanding of CSS and XHTML, the main reason for this is that they are both required to get a job in the web design industry and my confidence will be boosted if I gain a better understanding of the two languages.

Also I hope to become much better at problem solving so that I am able to spot my own errors in my work. The main goal I have for the second year is to improve my presentational skills as it will help me be more confident in group situations.

In the third year I aspire to improve a lot of my skills such as attention to detail, spelling and grammar. They are all important and will help me succeed later in life.

Also in the third year I would like to find out more about the industry and how it all works ready for when I leave collage. This will mean that I will have to get a part time job in the web industry. But before that I hope to become more confident in client situations, so that when I am actually in a work place, I will feel more comfortable and relaxed about situations involving meetings.

At the end of the course I am hoping to have a job in the web design industry at first a junior position, this will allow me to gain more experience in the web design industry and then I can move on.

After this I hope to one day own my own business in web design / print, even though it will take a lot of effort as I found out through certain assignments at collage I believe it is still possible.