Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Life of Colour

This week I have learned a lot more about colour, and that it is not just about feelings, though this made me feel a little confused at first. By this I mean all the new meanings of colour I had to experiences such as RGB,
Monochromatic and others, I think that this will be very important towards the next assignment, but I will also be using them in my old assignment (Referral work) manly to show my understanding about the work more.


This week I also got my referral feedback, I had mixed feelings on this knowing that it was fixable made me very happy, but what confused me was how I knew to do certain things and yet for some reason I did not do them on the final design, I don’t know weather I just forgot these on the last printing with getting everything in, I think I did because on my first print out test copy of it most of the points was done, however the point is now I no what I’ve done so now I can fix it, I suppose this is what is really making me happy.


The sketchbook is god, since I have got it back, I have been a lot happier, mainly because I have added loads more inspirational work into it, and now I can actual re read it to find information which is what I missed during reading week. Although the happiness must soon end as I am almost at the end of my first sketchbook meaning that I will have to get another, I’m not sure what Steve does with the old ones whether we are allowed to take them with us (Hopefully) or whether they have to stay in class.

More Design

Today I have done the first part of the new assignment, this has made me very happy learning all the new things about colour and such as I have said above, but another reason why it is making me happy is because, I have a feeling we will be using Photoshop more this time round, I no it will still require a lot of planning, researching and working out.

A good chance for me to put new design work in my sketch book this week also, mainly because “Make Your Mark” was something that was happening in college today and I got some good design ideas from them and also some designs to stick in my sketchbook, I must say that following my argument from last week that some of them look more like art work than design, however this is my interpretation of things, I’m sure that someone could argue with me and clearly explain there point of view on why it is design.


This subject has actually made me happy for a long time, not because there isn’t much to do because that is FAR from the truth, there is loads to do. But the reason I am happy about time is because I have finally learned how to use the time sheets efficiently, I think for this week I have over four sheets to hand in, which is a lot compared to before half term when I wasn’t doing it correctly and only had one or two per week.

Also another reason why I am happy about time, is that Steve will be collecting time sheets now, the reason this is making me happy is that now I no that there is no way that I can loose any of them, this also means that I will be keeping up to date with my work and hopefully having enough proof at the end of assignments to warrant my time on them.

2k words

In this assignment however we have to write 2000 words, although this may seem a lot it has not bothered me that much, mainly because the 2000 words will be split up over 40 items, this works out at about 50 words per item, which isn’t much at all, I’m trying my absolute best to make sure that I do a lot better in the next assignment to stop me getting another referral. However as I have stated in previous posts I am a student and for that reason I am constantly learning new material, this also means that now and again I am going to get something wrong.