Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Ahead of Schedule

Web plan
This week is a happy week as all the work is pretty much done a head of schedule, this means that I do not have to worry as much as I did last time. The main thing that I am going to be working on over the week is making sure that the A3 assignment is up to scratch with references, that was the main point of error in the last one as I did not do them correctly.

I will also be correcting all my spelling and grammar mistakes, I believe doing all these things now rather than later will help me in the long run as I will be able to check all my work. Through out the week a lot of times to make sure that it is all done correctly.

The stress factor comes in knowing that this very important as it is a core unit. I am trying my best and putting as much references in as I can as well as making sure that they are all correctly formatted.

Image Standards

I had an interesting experience this week when I changed my images to make more since with in the industry. I made the title a lot bigger to go with Steve’s recommendations, mainly because some people might not know who the Jazz singers are.

Inspiration Board
This was an idea by Andrew who suggested that the class gets an inspiration/feedback board, so that people in 1st and 2nd year could get a pin board and instead of waiting for some feedback from the blogs just pin it up in class and get feedback that way. This idea I think would be very useful as it would help with getting feedback a lot faster.