Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Websites to Match

del.icio.us This site contains a bookmark of various sites and stats.
evolt.org This site allows you to download new and old browser versions.
thecounter.com This site lets you browse statistics on what browser is used most.

Seminars & Skills

Weeks Beginning

This weak has involved allot of research, this in-turn made me very happy as I was not only learning more about a certain person, I was researching about the person that gives me inspiration; David Attenborough. The research work is ongoing and it is what I expected, however I did not expect to be able to pick my own research target.

This weak I also got to go to support for my dyslexia in spelling, this did not affect me much as I have bean to support groups before, although I was frustrated as I missed part of a presentation, but when I came back Steve caught me up so I felt better straight after.

This week we also started the assignment, which made me feel happy as I knew that I was starting to get to no the course and the people within the course. The lectures we have on the assignment are well explained and if I don’t understand anything there is always a QA session after which makes me happy as I am able to find answers to the parts I don’t understand.

Best Part

The best part about this weak has bean learning about the entire course, the assignment and the rules about the assignment. The reason for this being the best part for me is that it allowed me to be able to sit down and look at and understand the work that I would be doing over the coming weeks.


The weak as a whole made me feel happy as I learnt allot more about my self and about the course. The main thing that I’ve learnt this weak is that the note book will always provide reference, so I am trying to jot down all the notes I can, this will save me allot of time during the assignment as I will already have allot of the assignment write down in notes in front of me.

Key Points

· Learning more about note taking
· Learning about seminars
· Learning about support groups
· Asking questions
· Researching
· Time keeping
· Learning about the assignment
· Learning certain rules of an assignment