Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Time keeping
Always used in a working environment to makes sure you get paid for the correct amount of time you have worked.

I have been getting better at this skill over the years however I feel as if I could use some improvements. In the way I do my time sheets, and remembering to always do them.

Phone manner / Social

Clients: Having a good phone skill / Social skills allows to persuade clients much more easily to choose you as there designer etc.

Future: Having a good phone manner / Social skills are more likely to get you an interview with a future employer.

I have a fairly good phone manner / Social skills at the moment as my current job involves answering phones and talking to clients.

Presentational Skills

Client: Being able to give a presentation in front of a client can make or break a deal for the company you work for.

Employer: Having a good presentational skill will allow you to perform better in interviews not getting stressed as much and also allowing you to answer the questions asked smoothly and calmly.

I really need some more practise, in this skill. Although I am confident enough to give a presentation, when I do attempt it, my voice sounds wooden.

Team management skills
Clients: Having a good team skill will allow you to share information throughout the interactive media team more easily; this leaves you with more job positions.

Work: Almost 90% of jobs worldwide require you to have some kind of team skills that will allow you to work with or lead a team of people.

I can work with a team but I am not yet confident enough to actually lead a team. In the future this is one thing I would like to do.