Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Colour Change

This week I learned more about colour with “Digital Imagery” and what I realised is that when I thought 5000 pieces of information was a lot for a computer to do this week we learned about TIF, and how printing format is 300DPI and has over 90,000 different pieces of information to remember and save, although this also means that the file size is far greater. But it is worth it if you are planning on making a good print of something; this made me feel happy, as I finally realised all the formats and what I should use for optimum efficiency.


Another major factor this week to add into my knowledge database was about fonts, serifs and symbol ect. Display text confused me at first glance as I thought it looked a bit weird for text then Steve told us that it was mainly used for titles and banners to stand out and catch the eye of the audience. One thing that confused me is that a lot of the fonts looked the same and at first I could not understand, why there was so many fonts, as most of them looked identical, though I gues this is why there are 100,000’s of fonts out there, because most of them are the same with very little difference.


Today I learned how to restore an image, of coarse I will not know if it is done correctly by next week, I am going to try and get as much done this week on the subject as it is something that I really enjoy doing, though I have to remember I have a lot more work to do besides this.

Referral work

This week I also have my referral work to finish off, I have done a lot of it already but I know to keep checking to make sure that it is done correctly. The main reason is that I want this to be done perfectly this time to show that I have learned from my mistakes. Although it might be bad news to get a referral I see it as good news as it has really helped me on the next assignment. Which has made me happy because I am sure that I will not make the same mistakes twice.

Sketch Book

One reason which makes me a bit worried this week is that I am nearing the end of my sketch book, the reason why this makes me worried is, know I will have more pages to look through to find the information that I desire, although a good point is that it will make Steve happy as I am moving onto my second one. Although this does create more work as I am going to have to create another index page.

Things for next week

Referral Work: This is my main priority this week, to make sure that I get all the work done correctly I have taken this week of work to make sure I can get it all done as well as all the other work.

Image restoration: This is the next task I want to make sure that I complete this week, however I will have to do it after my referral work.

Sketchbook: Buy a new sketch book for next week as I am nearing the end of the one I am using at the moment.

Photoshop: One thing that I really want to try and get done this week is Photoshop tutorials online, I think this will help me greatly in the image restoration, if anyone know some good sites can you please comment.

Time: This week I must remember to add new things to my time sheet as they come up, like when I have a break ect, I think this will add to my micro planning, if not please correct me on the comments.