Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Skills Of The Trade

There are plenty of skills in the industry that I am certain that I need but do not have the skill in it at the moment.
The skills that I’m interesting in learning are Flash or PHP. Although looking at the industry jobs going at the moment PHP seems to be more valuable than Flash. A lot of this is to do with the fact that PHP is more accessible on the web than flash.

Flash: This is a skill, which I would like to know more about, because I know that it is used on a lot of websites these days and can also be used a lot to produce nice interactions on a site between the display and the user. However with this come some accessibility issues, with users having some problems clicking on slash links etc.

PHP: This skill is used on almost every modern day website. Usually to store information such as member (usernames and passwords) and also can be used to log IPS and other information. This skill seems to be needed in the industry, and usually is classes as standard.

Example Jobs
In the job above skills required are mainly Adobe products and also Flash. So this could be something to aim for, however this seems like more a designer role.
This job however is based on Networking. But you need a lot of knowledge in PHP and also a fair amount of PHP experience to even get a look in.
Another web design job, however this requires both Flash and PHP.

In my opinion both skills are important in the industry but I feel PHP seems to be more the industry standard, this is why I would like to do PHP for my self timed learning plan rather than Flash.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Return

Summer assignments
The summer assignments really prepped me for the second year, as well as make me curious about the actual working industry. What was fun about the summer assignment was that it allowed me o research and look at the current market for web design.
Although this was rather worrying at times seeing the locations was several miles away and often in a different city all together.

None the less I looked forward to the second year and the things that I could improve on to get a job in the industry.

CSS was the first step in the second year although I was dubious and in self-doubt I found this assignment very fun.

I struggled at first the coding. But after I learnt the easy access code through Dreamweaver I was finally making progress.

This part of the second year as taught me so much already and I am looking forward the 2nd half.


Also this year I have already done another presentation. I seem to be struggling on these, as I can’t seem to remember all the information. However after a word with Steve one method is to place images of the desired information on the background of the presentation.

I have done this and I’m currently looking forward to testing it out and seeing how much it helps.

At the moment I am currently designing for a product, which I know nothing about. I have been struggling a little with actually getting some ideas down, although the ones I have drawn I think are pretty good.

What I feel confident in

After the beginning of the second year I defiantly feel a lot more confident in my CSS abilities. Although I do feel as if some improvement is needed in general I am very pleased with the work I did over the assignment and in the test.

What I don’t feel comfortable about
I am still a little worried about presentations. I think this will improve with time. Although I think the new technique will help a lot it still needs to be tested.

Skills improved in
Know that I am doing my time sheets in my sketchbook every day, I feel a lot more confident in my time keeping. I always have my sketchbook, which makes it handy for jotting the time started, and the time finished on my work.

CSS as stated above I feel a lot more confident in CSS now especially after the test. The test put me under some pressure but it also showed me what I’m actually capable of.

Presentations are one skill that I’m planning on improving with the new technique. Hopefully it will be a success, through practising it seems to work.